Kazerne Lab

Within Kazerne Lab, professional creatives work cross-over with other (economic) sectors to develop products, insights, and incentives for topical issues. With their fresh perspective and outlook, they provide current social, cultural and economic issues with inspiration, new perspectives, and answers. That may sound rather pompous, but it is, in fact, an extremely practical process.

The Lab is not a physical workplace but a project that is worked on within the heads and studios of the participating designers.

Social Design Lab

The social design Lab explores the open question of how designers can contribute to a more liveable world of tomorrow.

Inventory Lab

In the inventory Lab, designers work with regional manufacturing industries on creating innovative inventory for hospitality ends.


Brabant C, Cultuur Eindhoven, Stichting Doen, Driven by Design, Metropool Regio Eindhoven, VSB fonds.

Looking for a durable next step in your business? Or do you opt for a radical change? Come and team up with the Kazerne Opportunity Lab. See our open call.

Sustainable day care

– BCXSY, Twinkelbel & Mosa

A new aesthetic for products that can contribute
to the self-sufficiency of day-care centers, with
the pleasure of clients as an important factor.

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diy mine kafon

–Massoud Hassani & Marc Brand

A manual for a land minesweeper made from waste, which directly contributes to the global landmine problem at local level.

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desktoop 2.0

–N.Sybrandy, HAS Hogeschool & Philips 

A manual to directly contribute from recycled office trays to the global food problem and awareness about it.

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living cities

– Izabela Boloz & Heijmans

Street furniture in which sustainable energy and innovative street lighting contribute to social interaction in the public space.

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making life easier

–4 design duo’s and Renault 

Studio Thier & VanDaalen, Studio Nuance, Joost Jansen & Jesse Kirschner, and Alissa + Nienke competed for a Renault Design Award within the theme.

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Joint signature

– Maarten Baas & 12 Friends

Collaborating from one’s characteristics creates new creative possibilities, between starting and established professionals alike.

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Beauty of discoloration

– rENs & verf- en autoindustrie

Does a Ferrari have to be red? An investigation into the natural wear and tear of environmentally harmful car paints at a time that  vintage reigns.

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Social pride

–Joost van Bleiswijk & Volkskrant 

Why do people ruin their own environment? How can it be that someone does not destroy their own telephone, but does demolish a bus shelter?

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Inventory lab: bar

– Jeroen Wand & Intera

What is involved in the realization of a bar, in addition to routing, materials and the production process? With thanks to DR Trading, Gulpener Bier and Van Zelst.

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– Daphna Laurens, KowBedaux & Roxal 

Does the intensive use in the catering industry make you pick sustainable materials that are more expensive or not? Thanks to ARPA.

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– Joost van Bleiswijk, Roxal & MCB

An impressive and instagrammable outdoor kitchen with a high WOW-factor.

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– Kiki van Eijk, EE Exclusives & Wasserij Boumans

Napkins and blankets inspired by the heritage and products of Kazerne

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– Ontwerpduo & Cleary LED

Custom light installations in geometrical shapes.

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– Geert Bogaard, Harrie van Helmond & Sanne de Koning

How can heritage be maintained in a new economic reality?

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