Open Call Kazerne Opportunity Lab

Looking for a durable next step in your business? Or do you opt for a radical change? Come and team up with the Kazerne Opportunity Lab.

In order to let organizations and entrepreneurs experience how valuable cross-over collaboration can be, Kazerne is setting up an Opportunity Lab. In this Lab we link design professionals to other entrepreneurs, companies, scientists, the education sector and/or the government. Together we invest in developing sustainable concepts, concrete products and services; in hopeful new perspectives. Kazerne guides and promotes the process. 

Within the New Concepts Lab, regional designers work from the core business of participants on new future scenarios. Together they develop a speculative long-term vision that results in innovative products and/or services 

for the short and medium term.

Within the Designer-in-Residence Lab, (inter)national designers work together with other companies, institutions, organizations and the end user (the Multi-helix) on dreamt products and services. Research questions can be submitted by all parties.

So: do you have a topic or a concrete project? Are you looking for new, sustainable business opportunities, or first more information? E-mail your details to We will get in touch.