Impromptu Mini Graduation Show

What can be done to encourage recent Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) graduates and promote their work? The empty tables in the restaurant inspired a spontaneous mini exhibition.

Book your time slot here (free entrance).

Autumn 2020 


Annemoon Geurts


Valentin Bauberger, Emy Bensdorp, Ethan Braunstein, Rollo Bryant, Baptiste Comte, Jean-Baptiste Gambier, Miles Le Gras, Mathias Malm, Benjamin Motoc, Marwane Soumer, Bas Stoker, Dae Uk Kim, Bram de Vos, Boey Wang, Mark Wang, Teun Zwets.


Ruud Balk Fotografie, Brabant C, Cultuur Eindhoven, Moon/en/co, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Studio van der Zandt.