Mash Up!

-Expo Impromptu Mini Graduation Show #2

“In this day, our society is more and more polarized and individualized. Zavier Wong presents Mash up!, a collaborative platform aimed to overcome our cultural differences. By going through a creative process with eight people, each individual learns new ways of seeing and understanding others. The co-creation happened through a continuous dialogue about media, material and shape.

Altar & Shelf

-Expo Ongoing Dialogue

Altar & Shelf is a reminder of the value of long-term focus and how sometimes our flaws are making us beautiful. The most interesting details emerged by reactions which are normally avoided when working with steel.

Totem Side Table

-Expo Ongoing Dialogue

Zavier Wong is interested in imperfection as an added value. Applying this to concrete, he explored new ways of casting the material in a mould. Using packaging materials as a mould-making material, this process resulted in the Totem Side Table, with a smooth top surface and textured side.