Studio Drift

Lonneke Gordijn & Ralph Nauta


2019–2020 | Circular Materialists
2018–2019 | Ongoing Dialogue
2017–2017 | New Icons
2016–2017 | Escape
2014–2014 | Open Mind
2014–2015 | Open World
2007–2012 | Eat Drink Design


2020 Kazerne Design Award


-Expo Circular Materialists

Materialism confronts us on a very elementary level with the things we surround ourselves with everyday. Everyday products such as a vacuum cleaner, Volkswagen Beetle, pencil, or LED light have been reduced to the exact quantity of the specific raw materials from which they are made – shown in the form of rectangular blocks.


-Expo Ongoing Dialogue

Meadow is an upside-down landscape that is a kinetic sculpture consisting of mechanical flowers that open and close in a poetic choreography. The installation suggests the impermanence of the ever-changing seasons and the sensational character of natural growth processes.

In 20 steps

-Expo Escape & New Icons

The spatial kinetic installation In 20 Steps is a tribute to the human desire to be able to fly, despite the force of gravity and the poetry of persistence in the face of adversity. Constructed of 20 delicate glass wings that represent all the different steps of flying in an abstract way.

Fragile Future

-Expo Open World & Open Mind

With Fragile Future, Studio Drift fuses nature and technology into a multidisciplinary light sculpture. The project can be seen as a critical yet utopian vision on the future of our planet, where two seemingly opposite evolutions have made a pact to survive.