Social Label


2021–2022 | The Pink House
2018–2019 | Ongoing Dialogue
2017–2017 | New Icons

The Pink House

-Expo The Pink House

Democratisation of beauty in an intimate setting where time stands still. The future of Social label lies in being, and in surrounding ourselves with design with meaning. With this positive activism, initiators Petra Janssen (Studio Boot) and Simone Kramer (C-mone) are forging a growing inclusive movement with a socially sustainable collection and program for another view on labour, learning and participation.

You can find an interview about the project here.


-Expo Ongoing Dialogue

The product line >VEEG was designed by Dick van Hoff for neighborhood management company Cambio from Deventer, based on the recycling of waste and clean and involved neighborhoods. Old bicycle frames are reused to create sturdy brooms.


-Expo New Icons

>KOM is cast by the makes of Atelier Cello (people with a mental disability) and the workshop Demarrage/Reinier van Arkel (people with mental health problems). The personal stories of the makers are translated into ‘tattoos’ that are applied as transfer to the bowls, cups and plates.