The Pink House – Social label

Democratisation of beauty in an intimate setting where time stands still. The future of Social label lies in ‘being’, and in surrounding ourselves with design with meaning. With this positive activism, initiators Petra Janssen (Studio Boot) and Simone Kramer (C-mone) are forging a growing inclusive movement with a socially sustainable collection and program for another view on labour, learning and participation.

Autumn 2021 — Spring 2022

Petra Janssen
Simone Kramer

Exhibition design
Studio Boot

If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that inclusivity still isn’t embedded in our daily lives. In fact, the divide between the advantaged and the disadvantaged has only grown bigger. With communicative projects, activities and beauty, Social label aims to capture the poetry of ‘being’. We believe that collaboration is the key to change, to a society built upon different pillars and designed around more social, democratic and collective values, for a better human existence. Everybody deserves this. Design can play this transformative role by giving work meaning and enabling disadvantaged people to participate in society. In the last few years, we have worked hard with the community on developing products for a socially sustainable home. During DDW we’ll be showcasing these in The Pink House. Take a peek into the kitchen, a place where people come together, eat and talk, but also a place to retreat. An intimate setting where time stands still. The future of Social label lies in the democratisation of beauty, in ‘being’, and in surrounding ourselves with design with meaning.

During DDW, Social label will be presenting education pilot projects and updates: Social label>WARM in partnership with designer Edward van Vliet and care organisation Pameijer Rotterdam, Social label>VEEG in partnership with designer Dick van Hoff and Craft studio Social label Lab, Social label>KOM in partnership with designer Edwin Vollebergh, Studio Boot, Cello Zorg and Reinier van Arkel, education pilot project> SCHOON, design students in collaboration with teachers and Artenzo, the creative workspace within Amarant in Tilburg. In addition, a dance pilot project has been initiated by the Social label Move studio, entitled “Zullen we samen” (“Shall we together”). All the new Social label products and activities that we’ll be presenting arose during Covid times and all have links with something cherished or tell their own stories.


Artenzo & Woodworks, Amarant, Tilburg, Breda, Handwever  ASVZ, TextielLab, Tilburg, SMO Breda/Ik wil meedoen, gemeente Breda, Pameijer, Rotterdam Arte, Raymakers, gemeente Helmond, Cello zorg en Reinier van Arkel, ’s-Hertogenbosch, Vught, Sint-Michielsgestel, Cor Unum, Den Bosch, Ateliers Social label Lab, werkervaringsplekken gemeente s-Hertogenbosch, studenten en mensen met afstand tot de arbeidsmarkt.


Edward van Vliet & caring facility Pameijer Rotterdam, Dick van Hoff & Craft-atelier Social label Lab, Edwin Vollebergh, Studio Boot, Cello Zorg & Reinier van Arkel, designstudenten, Artenzo & Amarant in Tilburg.


Ruud Balk Fotografie, Brabant C, Cultuur Eindhoven, Social label, Sooji Lee, Moon/en/co, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Studio van der Zandt.