2018–2019 | Ongoing Dialogue
2017–2017 | New Icons
2016–2016 | Next Up
2015–2015 | Dutch Design Week
2014–2015 | Open World


-Expo Ongoing Dialogue

During his artist in residencies in Jingdezhen David took inspiration from historical imperial porcelain as well as the modern Chinese city. Two themes became the starting points for the collection: deformation and stacking & wrapping of porcelain


-Expo New Icons

Wood veneering is typically used to make a cheap material appear as if it were made of solid wood, but with the Grid Space Dividers it is standing on its own. The three different space dividers each have their own character that exploit the real and ‘false’ qualities of the material.

Oscillation Plates

-Expo Next Up

David Derksen has attached a heavy metal holder that emits paint at the end of a pendulum. The swinging movement of the pendulum creates a natural circular pattern on the plates.

Transience mirror

-Expo Next Up

The silver layer on the back of mirrors are deliberately oxidized. This artificial aging process is added into a decorative pattern. The reflection does not only show the transience of everyone who looks at it, but also of the mirror itself.

Moiré Lights

-Expo Next Up

Two round plates with thousands of tiny holes each are shifting on top of one another, causing an intriguing moiré pattern that creates the appearance of movement and flaring. David Derksen invites the user to change the light with one simple hand movement.

Moiré Jewelry 

-Expo Open World

When moving or rotating similar patterns on two layers relative to each other, new interfering patterns are generated, known as the moiré effect. Moiré Jewelry is a series of brass and stainless steel jewelry playing with this hypnotic natural phenomenon.