Transcrossing Identities – NeeNee Collective

Do you dream a butterfly or are you a butterfly dreaming to be a human being? The transition between sleeping and waking – living in different worlds, cultures and identities – was the inspiration for the exhibition of NeeNee Collective in Kazerne. The collective of young transcultural Asian artists and designers invites you to step away from the here-and-now and let yourself be carried away in their surrealistic dream world.

SPRING 2022 — SUMMER 2022




Che Go Eun, Dongwook Jang, Soyoun Kim, Dae Uk Kim, Marcos Kueh, Liam Lee, Sho OtaJaehun ParkKurina Sohn, Leilei Wu, Yesum Yoon, Nomin Zezegmaa


Ruud Balk Photography,, Pierre Castignola Photography, Brabant C, Cultuur Eindhoven, Moon/en/co, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Studio van der Zandt.