2017–2018 | Fundamentals
2016–2016 | Next Up
2015–2015 | Dutch Design Week
2014–2015 | Open World


-Expo Fundamentals

“Fascinated by the process behind materials, Thomas his work explores the themes of consumption, commodification and industrial production, perverting the material perfection of slick industrial design.”

Colour of the day

-Expo Next Up

Inspired by a trip through Iceland, Laura Lynn Jansen and Thomas Vailly created a series of lights with shifting colour panels. The ever-changing colour palette imitates the colourful reflection of light in the natural crystals in Iceland.


Reconfiguration of a tree

-Expo Next Up

The rise of synthetic resin has caused traditional wood resin to fall into abeyance. Thomas Vailly has literally dissected the Pinus Pinaster – a tree with a characteristic black resin – in wood and black resin. In collaboration with other designers, a contemporary product collection has been established from these resources.

CaCO3 Stoneware

-Expo Open World

Inspired by geological processes of stalactites’ growth, these stone objects are grown around structures, drop by drop. The fragile skeleton, a 3D printed structure, is left to petrify for weeks in specially chosen thermo-mineral springs. The natural geological processes reinforces the structure; new functional fossils start to form within weeks.