2021–2022 | Impromptu #3

Exported Heritage

-Expo Impromptu Mini Graduation Show #3

Exported Heritage is a replica of a traditional Norwegian Skatoll. While the original has its motifs drawn and carved by hand in solid wood, the replica is traced and extruded digitally, and later milled by high-tech machines on laminated materials. By juxtaposing the production methods and decorative methods, Maren Bang questions whether this modern version can still be seen as a traditionally cultural artefact or heritage.

Flex for Flux

-Expo Impromptu Mini Graduation Show #3

Flex for Flux shows the illusion of progressiveness, gender normativity and stigmas around craftmanship. Imagine: a workshop manager, two students, an alumnus and a philosopher, all from the same institution, gathering in a secret crochet club. To compensate for what may be perceived as feminine behaviour, the group creates masculine emblems in the shape of biceps. The project questions ubiquitous preconceived bias and tries to dismantle the conservative stereotypical distinction between feminine and masculine crafts.