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2014–2015 | Open Mind

Tolix chair

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For the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the A chair, the French manufacturer Tolix invited eight designers to make a contemporary edition. Lex Pott made a version with oxidized copper, brass, steel and aluminium.

True colors panels & vases

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By treating the copper with a variation of chemicals, Lex Pott has designed a series of vases with different discolorations. To depict this process, he manufactured a series of panels.

Transience mirror

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The silver layer on the back of mirrors are deliberately oxidized. This artificial aging process is added into a decorative pattern. The reflection does not only show the transience of everyone who looks at it, but also of the mirror itself.

Reconfiguration of a tree

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The rise of synthetic resin has caused traditional wood resin to fall into abeyance. Thomas Vailly has literally dissected the Pinus Pinaster – a tree with a characteristic black resin – in wood and black resin. In collaboration with other designers, a contemporary product collection has been established from these resources.