2018–2019 | Ongoing Dialogue
2016–2017 | Escape
2016–2016 | Next Up

Crystallized Chair 

-Expo Ongoing Dialogue

The ‘Crystal’ series is the result of research into stalagmites, one of the greatest wonders of nature. Due to the organic growth of the crystal, each object is unique in its shape, color and texture.



-Expo Escape

Time seems to fly, it’s a luxury product, time is money. In reality however, time passes at the same speed as ever. Natural growth processes are a testament to time and an opposing pole to our volatile, contemporary society. With ‘Crystal’ Isaac Monté explores the formation of stalagmites. The vases are the result of the crystallization of minerals, a natural growth process.


The Art of Deception

-Expo Next Up

In The Art of Deception, pig heart are deprived of all living cell materials via a special procedure. The resulting organ tissue is already being used for the cultivation of donor cells. But how could this tissue/matter provide an ‘empty canvas’ to artists and designers in the future?