Contempo gallery 

Gallery for contemporary and current art. Peter Koopmans and Mark Slegers deliberately choose a select number of artists to be represented, whose work they expect to retain visual power for a long period of time. Since 2018, they cooperated with Kazerne to provide art in the hotel rooms in particular. Works are also regularly displayed and for sale in the shop. In spring and summer 2024, Contempo will present a selection of works in the courtyard and in the former stables of the military police barracks, Kazerne in Dutch.

voorjaar 2024 – najaar 2024


Exhibition Designers

Peter Koopmans
Mark Slegers


Frank Anderson
Isabelle Dyckerhoff
Hedwig Hooghiemstra
Tjibbe Hooghiemstra
Jupp Linssen
Jan Ros
Sjef Voets