Kazerne mobilizes the power of the creative industries to identify, examine and formulate specific answers for economic and societal issues. At the same time, it allows the professional and general public to see and experience the potential added value derived from the participation of the creative industries in the debate of social, societal and economic issues.


Kazerne is orientated towards creative innovation in all its activities, at an international level. But it has ambitions to become more than just an international design hotspot where everything is shiny and new. Kazerne has its roots in the belief that creativity has an essential role to play in shaping the future of society.

The driving force behind Kazerne, Annemoon Geurts (designer/artist) and Koen Rijnbeek (producer/musician), developed the total concept of Kazerne from a deeply felt sense of social responsibility.

“We undoubtedly live in dynamic times. Much of what we have taken for granted for years is now under pressure, and changing – or at the very least trying to change. The search is for new ways and solutions; new meaning. Whether it is a question of international values, the economic system and the ever-growing need for more energy, or simply the more immediate themes of loneliness, education and a healthy life, all is in flux and seeking direction, solutions and innovation.

We see a strongly growing role for the creative industries in this search for and formulation of direction. It is no longer the case that policy is exclusively shaped by legislators, politicians and big business. It is now more likely to be the creatives who can envisage the new paths which must be taken. It is often (social) designers who initiate social innovation, and those in the creative industries (from artists to designers and architects) who are able to let go of old principles and see the ways to shape society anew; to identify and flag up issues before they become problems, to illustrate them and translate them into chances. With heart and head.”

This is exactly what the total concept of Kazerne embodies. Kazerne mobilizes the creative industries, stimulates, facilitates and positions; thereby becoming an engine for social innovation.