Kazerne has multiple objectives. For this reason, two foundations and one company are involved in intensive collaboration for the realization of the total concept.


• program foundation Kazerne Foundation, ANBI;
• foundation for the preservation of ‘klein paradijs’, ANBI-C;
• exploitation organization Kazerne BV.

Kazerne foundation contributes, by way of encounters, exhibitions, presentations and crossover projects, to the visibility and experience of the added value of the creative industries.The foundation for the preservation of the heritage ‘Klein Paradijs’ facilitates possibilities for the restoration and repurposing of the former military police barracks and industrial warehouse at the corner of Grote Berg and Paradijslaan in Eindhoven.

supervisory board

The chairman of the Heritage foundation is Bert van der Els. The chairman of the Creative Suites Foundation is Maarten Houben, Former Mayor of Nuenen. Board members are Otto Dieleman, tax specialist (partner at BDO) and former chairman of, among others, the Park Theatre (Parktheater), and Marlies Zuidam, architect with a focus on circularity. The board is constituted and functions in line with the Cultural Codes of Governance, Fair Practice, Diversity and Inclusion. The board members participate in the project in a private capacity.

FOUNDERS and board

Kazerne is the initiative of Annemoon Geurts (designer/artist) and Koen Rijnbeek (producer/musician). Together, and under the supervision of the board, they are the directors of the project.

Both founders have a wealth of experience in the organisation of projects and events which have involved the innovative input of the creative industries to develop new perspectives, and which have brought together diverse scenes and networks from economic, cultural and societal sectors. See