Collect to disperse – Rosana Escobar

How can we translate our care about nature to caring for nature? By modestly participating in the interplay between a flower and an insect, our appreciation for nature grows.

The exchange of nectar and pollen between plants and insects is both intimate and crucial for all life on Earth. In order to be able for humans to participate in this special process, Rosana Escobar designed a collection of tools to touch the plants and animals with care. With the brushes you can help to disperse the pollen, yet also stimulate the communication of touch and movement. Participation in the precious interrelationship between these different small species brings us closer to nature, and makes us aware of the great interdependence of all species on Earth.

Rosana Escobar (CO) graduated from the department of Well-being at Design Academy Eindhoven. With a background in biology, in her designs she searches for the relationship between humans, materials and ecosystems. Her designs support people to reconsider their position with and within nature.