Fluidity, Souvenir – Geke Lensink

Developing a good product is a constant search for the right choices, but the fun is in the merging of the story, craft and the material. How can we celebrate the beauty of diversity, without losing ourselves in fear and prejudice?

Geke Lensink’s designs are like statements about our world. Her work navigates between art and reality, craft and expression. The designs stem from Lensink’s memories of travel and contacts with other cultures. She perceives of a good design as a constant search for the right combination of detailing, materials, production and price, while yet its essence is in merging story, craft and material.

Fluidity is a tribute to everyone’s uniqueness. Through the designs, Lensink researches a dreamed-of world in which boundaries between people are fading. She wants to celebrate diversity of cultures, sexuality, gender or social status. Yet in her search, Lensink also encounters obstacles, such as prejudice and fears.

The Souvenir collection dreams up a world in which all cultures are merged into one universal aesthetic. Geke Lensink designed minimalistic stools and vases with geometrical patterns, decorative plates and wooden benches that despite the differences in material, shape and colour form a close-knit family.