Spaghetti alle Vongole

Meanwhile Kazerne’s chef Giovanni Gabana likes to inspire you with some recipes: what about this spaghetti alle vongole?


More video’s? Watch them here.


(per person)

– 500 g vongole

– 100 g pasta

– Garlic

– Olio extravergine

– Chili pepper

– 2 (cherry) tomatoes


– Firstly, clean the Vongole.

– Next, bring to heat olive oil in a frying pan, adding garlic and cherry tomatoes. Add your vongole to the same pan.

– Cook the pasta while you prepare a soffritto with garlic, oil, chili and parsley.

– Add the water of the vongole to the soffritto and let it cook for around a minute.

– Just before the pasta is fully cooked, add it to the sauce. This process will finish the cooking of the pasta and allow it not to be over cooked.

– Finally, add your vongole and serve. Add a handful of vongole still within its shell for decoration and finish off with some parsley.

– Buon appetito.