Covid-19 update

Highly appreciated guests and relations, dear friends,

We hope you are doing well.

 Like so many, Kazerne too is affected by the Coronavirus. The distressing news updates, the imposed closure, the silence in the restaurants, halls, hotel rooms and streets, combined with the unseen beauty of the new Dutch Invertuals exhibition confront us with the vulnerability of today’s global society. It is a bizarre and unreal situation of which we can only hope it will not last, and that it will somehow contribute to a more respectful and more sustainable society for us all.

Fortunately, we are not alone in this. We are receiving heartwarming messages from our guests and network. Many of our suppliers – sometimes on their own initiative – find ways to help Kazerne get through these uncertain times. We are very grateful for the support of our international community, and feel strengthened in their presence. We won’t forget. We’re doing this together.

Our team takes their responsibility and is staying at home to counter the spreading of the virus as much as possible. These are difficult times, but we, and the board members of the foundation, trust that we will see them through. We will keep you posted. 

Our strength and best wishes go out to those who are – directly or indirectly – hit by this virus. Hold on to one another, stay safe and healthy and hopefully we can see each other  in Kazerne again soon.

On behalf of the Kazerne team and the board members Bertus Borgers, Bert van der Els, Otto Dieleman, Maarten Houben and Heidi Renders,

Annemoon and Koen