Dirk vander Kooij

Is plastic fantastic? What about this Meltingpot Table by Dirk Vander Kooij Plastic fossils melted into a table. On display in the exhibition CIRCULAR> MATERIALISTS.

As a relentless prototyper, Dirk developed the “Meltingpot-process”: a system to deal with the mountains of extruded furniture prototypes that flooded his atelier. This particular iteration houses 220kg of waste material, such as extruded table legs, colour tests, and prototypes of (as yet) unreleased products. Each slab is hand-laid by a colourist, intuitively mapping 10 years of studio history into a free-form pattern. Fossils of extruded objects are traceable in the surface of the table: hinting at their age, function, and form.

Curious? Come and have look. We are open every day from noon. Downtown Eindhoven.