DDW 2018: 26 October talk by Lidewij Edelkoort and Kiki van Eijk

How can hardware become a part of the home? In this morning session Lidewij Edelkoort & Kiki van Eijk reflect on the installation they created for Google, and discuss the future of technology and its integration in our lives.


Already in 1998, trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort foresaw how technology would be blending into our day-to-day life. Now 20 years later she revisits her concept with the presentation of SOFTWEAR, an installation that demonstrates how new hardware products by Google seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, instead of disturbing them. Kiki van Eijk designed a series of tapestries that ‘weave’ into the SOFTWEAR story, starting with collages created with the same textiles that were used by Google in their new products. SOFTWEAR is currently presented at Kazerne as a part of the exhibition ONGOING DIALOGUE – New Design by Old Friends.


Talk starts at 10 am. Admission fee is 5,- including coffee, tea and croissants. Get your ticket here (the DDW passe-partout is NOT VALID for this talk).


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