Shaakira Jassat


-Expo Between No-Longer and Not-Yet

The recent Day Zero drought in her native South Africa led designer Shaakira Jassat to rethink how we can manage and experience water in our urban environment. She realized people needed a system that could help them collect water on a local level. This inspired her to the design of Aquatecture: a modular system to collect rain and condensation through a patterned relief, that collects it in a reservoir from which the water can be used directly. Aquatecture encourages a more convenient and closer engagement between people and their daily water resources.

Tea Drop

-Expo Kazerne Design Award 2020

From irrigation to packaging to cleaning: it takes 30 liters of water to produce one single cup of tea. On a symbolic level, Tea Drop recaptures this resource, whilst giving power back to the environment: the tea machine condenses water vapour from the surrounding air. In contrast to our available-on-demand lifestyle, one has to wait for the tea vessel to be filled with water, before it can be boiled to make tea.