Satomi Minoshima


2021–2022 | Between No-Longer and Not-Yet
2020–2020 | The Circle

Craft Portrait Dorozome

-Expo Between No-Longer and Not-Yet

In the tradition of Dorozome – a Japanese mud-dyeing technique – only the final black color is given a name. The process colors remain anonymous, as invisible as the complexity of this fascinating contemporary craft. Designers Satomi Minoshma and Pauline Agustoni interviewed Dorozome artisans to better understand its rich history, and they carefully registered the many repetitive needed to arrive to the typical Dorozome color. The installation Craft Portrait Dorozome portrays the technique and tradition.

You can find an interview about the project here.

Inflatable Leather

-Expo The Circle

Satomi Minoshima replaced the solid geometric inner frames that are more commonly used for leather furniture with rubber inflatables. By combining light inner tubes and precious leather, she enhances the qualities of both materials.