Nienke Hoogvliet


2021–2022 | Between No-Longer and Not-Yet
2016–2016 | Next Up

Mourn, Kaumera Kimono, Waterschatten

-Expo Between No-Longer and Not-Yet

The wide availability of clear drinking water is the result of an extensive process of water purification. Designer Nienke Hoogvliet researched the materials that are removed from the water, and their potentially useful properties. In commission of the Dutch Water authorities, she found three new purposes for waste materials from the purification process: OHA, Kaumera and cellulose.

Sea Me

-Expo Next Up

Sea Me is a collection of carpets made from threads of sea algae. The fast-growing sea algae can form a sustainable alternative for labour-intensive cotton. These algae threads are woven into old fishing nets, depicting the duality of the sea as a source of life and as a landfill.