Jeroen Wand


2020–2021 | New Melancholy
2020–2020 | The Circle
2018–2019 | Fundamentals
2014–2015 | Open World


-Expo New Melancholy

The work of Jeroen Wand comes forth from experiments in which form and function are determined by the production process. The Plunge vases or dipping vases are a ceramic version of his successful Phases project. The dipping of the vase happens by hand, each time in a different clay emulsion. This makes each vase unique, with its own buildup of colour and structure.

Laminated Table

-Expo The Circle

This table is a reinterpretation of his first Laminated Table. Seemingly useless pieces of leftover veneer are pressed together to form a sturdy whole.



-Expo Fundamentals

“The form and function of Jeroen’s products result from his continuous experimental research into combinations of traditional materials and techniques.”



-Expo Open World

This little vase consists of a PVC pipe, two small pieces of round timber and a manually rotation molded reservoir. Hence, this low tech product is a combination of three types of material; a ready-made, a self-made and a semi-finished one.