Giulia Pompilj


2021–2022 | Between No-Longer and Not-Yet
2021–2021 | Impromptu Mini Graduation Show #2

What Does Colour Mean?

-Expo Between No-Longer and Not-Yet

In the process on dyeing textiles with plants, the colors result from chemical reactions in the soil. Designer Giulia Pompilj researched the differences between dyed colors in the Peruvian Andes, in the Amazon and here in Eindhoven. She applies her findings in the design of a machine that mimics the affects of an ecosystem. The machine colors the yarn with botanical dyes, which is then processed into a wearable garment.

You can find an interview about the project here.


-Expo Impromptu Mini Graduation Show #2

‘Warmi’, or ‘women’ in Quecha language, is a fabric that acts as a botanical calendar, where colours are placed according to the Peruvian Andean seasons. The colours of the textile have been extracted from indigenous local wild plants and therefore reflect the region’s unique biodiversity. Goal of the project is to empower local women and preserve their traditional textile dyeing techniques for future experiments.