Bram Vanderbeke


2020–2021 | New Melancholy
2020–2020 | The Circle
2017–2018 | Harvest
2017–2018 |Fundamentals

Casted curves

-Expo The Circle and New Melancholy

Regular bricks are arranged on the floor of a workspace to form moulds for casting architectonic furniture pieces, inspired by the way in which construction workers lay the foundations of a building.

New Primitives

-Expo Harvest

Bram started from the idea of Anthropic rock, a new kind of geological layer created by human kind. In his project, he is harvesting concrete as an unnatural material. His primitive objects are roughly given shape by both natural and manmade moulds. Subsequently they are sculpted, grinded and hammered into prefab elements.


-Expo Fundamentals

“As a self proclaimed director of spaces, Bram’s work is situated on the fine line between intuition and functionality.”