2017–2018 | Fundamentals
2016–2016 | Next Up
2014–2015 | Open World
2014–2015 | Open Mind


-Expo Fundamentals

“Thanks to design, the symbiosis between physics and the vibrance of light can create dynamic shapes, becoming a porous membrane which can be reconfigured at any time.”

Light is a Vector

-Expo Next Up

Arnout Meijer has placed a simple cable of LED lights behind a bent holographical glass plate of transparent plastic. This creates depth, making it seem like the lights are extending into the space. This spacious viewpoint changes from every viewing angle.

Light is a Vector

-Expo Open World

‘Light is a vector’ is a light installation that is part of an ongoing research into the way we perceive light. By manipulating the way light behaves Arnout Meijer creates intangible shapes that deceive – and broaden – our understanding of space.