Giulia Pompilj

– Seasonal colours of Apu Wañinmarcca 

‘Warmi’, or ‘women’ in Quecha language, is a fabric that acts as a botanical calendar, where colours are placed according to the Peruvian Andean seasons. The colours of the textile have been extracted from indigenous local wild plants and therefore reflect the region’s unique biodiversity. Goal of the project is to empower local women and preserve their traditional textile dyeing techniques for future experiments. 

Giulia Pompilj is an Italian designer specializing in concept design and material research. She graduated from the Food Non-Food department at the DAE, where she developed an interest in the anthropological and biological aspects of our planet. For Guilia, design is about more than just functionality; it is a communicative medium that can be used to address a broader public. 

In collaboration with the Kacllaraccay community and the research centre Mater Iniciativa.