Ieva Jakuša

–I share, therefore I am 

Why do we trust machines to judge us and our emotions, while that information doesn’t have feelings? We are constantly being tracked by technology, however, we also voluntary feed it: what we eat, how long we sleep and what we buy. Based on averages and numbers, an online identity is created that comes very close. Sometimes this offers welcome insights, but also offers stress and misunderstandings, and sometimes even pain. With tracking Artefacts, Ieva Jakuša translates her research into conceptual tracking machines. In objects that track more humanlike data: the times that someone acted politely, someone felt sexy or had to cry during a romantic movie. 

Ieva Jakuša designs sculptures, printed media and experiences. In each of these disciplines she searches for new perspectives, reflecting on the roles we play to sustain the system we live in. Her personal interest lies in the conflicts of social groups in contemporary society.