Kazerne’s at home aperitivo

Indulge in an extensive aperitivo during Kingsday? Or just something else for Mother’s Day? Chef Giovanni Gabana and his team have composed two delicious aperitivo’s to enjoy at home.

One consists of focaccia, olives, bruschetta classica, burrata e tomato, parmigiano, prosciutto, salami and polpette al sugo. The other one is vegetarian, and has the meats replaced by artichokes, pickled mushrooms and frittata. To complete with or without Lasagne Traditionale or Parmigiana di Melanzane, a delicious bottle of wine, and even design, if desired. These bites look beautiful served on a plate by Maarten Baas, right?

Please order your Kingsday aperitivo online here, until Sunday April 25th 17:00. Of course calling is also possible +31 40 207 37 30. On Monday April 26 between 16:00 and 20:00 we’ll deliver the box for free in Eindhoven or your box will be ready for pickup. Here you’ll find more information, also about the Mother’s Day option.