Is there a better way to start a rainy weekend with a glass of wine and a big bowl of home made tiramisu? Chef Giovanni Gabana shares his recipe for this iconic dessert.


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– 500 mascarpone

– 175 g egg yolk

– 175 g crystal sugar

– 100 g lady fingers

– 1 double espresso

– 10 cl madeira liquor

– cacao


– Firstly, whip the egg yolk and sugar together, until the mixture can sit on the top for at least 2 seconds. 

– Next add mascarpone to the mixture and mix together.

– Let the mixture rest in the fridge.

– In the meantime, prepare the syrup with double espresso, madeira liquor and sugar. Dip each lady finger within the mixture, being careful not to make it soggy.

– Finally, you can place your lady fingers in a tray or a bowl. Add the cream on the top of the lady fingers, making sure you cover well.

– Finish off with adding cacao powder. 

– Buon appetito.