Kazerne celebrates May 5

From 1923 to 1952, the fire brigade was located in the former military police barracks (1825). Where  restaurant Benz at Kazerne has recently been located, Eindhoven used to put away it’s first motorized fire engine spray, nicknamed ‘D’n Benz’.

D’n Benz was in use from 1920 and was frequently used during the war. After the bombing on December 6, 1942, known as Operation Oyster, it spent almost 24 hours continuously pumping in order to extinguish the fires.

Today we celebrate that 75 years later we can enjoy freedom in this historic place. And D’n Benz? In 1946 it was sold for 500 guilders to a circus. “A pitty, because this car was a gem,” said Harrie Tielemans of Eindhoven Fire Brigade.