Meet in an inspiring, industrial location or renovated monument in downtown Eindhoven. With only 8 minutes walking distance from the Central Station in Eindhoven and with a large parking garage just around the corner. Surrounded by exhibited works by leading designers. An unique hospitality concept. The atmosphere is high-end and at the same time no-nonsense, the appearance cosmopolitan with an artistic edge.

The 3 boardrooms, 2 restaurants, the bar and 2 of our loft-suites can be reserved by day, half-day or by the hour. From 2 – 400 persons, including coffee, lunch, drinks, bites and/or private dinner.

Available in the meeting rooms:
• Free wifi
• Daylight
• Full black out options
• Air treatment and airco
• Top quality food & drinks
• Modern AV-resources
• Livestream option
• Video conferencing
• Great acoustics, regardless of size
• Technical support
• Timeless and modern interior
• Experienced and solution-oriented team

Livestream studio


  • Choose your own space
  • Professional equipment
  • Always technical support
  • Conference, presentation, award show, product launch, drinks, pub quiz

Garage (L)


  • 2 to 200 people
  • Former workshop and theater
  • Conference, presentation, wedding
    wedding ceremony, gala, reception, workshop, private dining, live streaming
  • Accessible via bar/restaurant and courtyard

Fire Station Loft (M)


  • 2 to 50 people
  • Attic former coach house
  • Luxurious, light, discrete room with
    meeting table and two seating areas
  • Private board meetings, break-out sessions
  • Entrance via Paradijslaan

Stables (M)


  • 2 to 65 people
  • Former stables
  • Light, open space with bar
  • Meeting, presentation, workshop
    wedding ceremony, reception,
    private dining, break-out
  • Adjacent to leafy courtyard

Fire Station (M)


  • 2 to 50 people
  • Former coach house
  • Luxurious, light, intimate space
  • Private dining, cooking classes, meeting
    presentation, workshop, wedding,
    wedding ceremony, reception, break-out
  •  Bordering on Paradijslaan

Mess (S)


  • 2 to 12 people
  • Former living room military police
  • Small team meetings, workshops, video conferencing, break-outs
  • Adjacent to the Grote Berg



  • 2 to 40 people
  • Atmospheric, intimate space
  • Small team meetings, presentations
    workshops, break-outs
  • Adjacent to outdoor kitchen and leafy courtyard

Bar / Restaurant Kazerne


  • 2 to 400 people (bar 100)
  • Former warehouse municipal cleaning
  • Bar area: drinks, informal networking
    networking events, walking dinners
  • Restaurant area: group dinners,
    conferences, fashion shows, gala,
    product lunches
  •  Car-wide entrance doors
  •  Adjacent to Paradijslaan



  • 2 to 100 people
  • Leafy terrace
  • Group dinners, wedding ceremony
  •  Adjacent to Fire Station, Stables,
    Paljas, Courtyard Duplex, Corner
    Duplex, Designshop

Hay loft


  • 2 to 12 people
  • Former hay attic
  • Conference table, living room, kitchen
  • Board meetings and break-outs
  • 1st floor

Penthouse loft


  • 2 to 16 people
  • Attic with trusses and mezzanine
  • Conference table, living room and kitchen
  • Board meetings and breakout sessions
  • 2nd floor, accessible via elevator