Up in your arms – Simone van Bakel

Can we come closer to our own (un)known bodies? Life springs from the moment of touch: texture, temperature, tension, force.

The art pieces from Simone van Bakel allow us to zoom in on human bodies. Fragments of elbows, or shapes reminiscent of viscera, auricles, or heart valves. The ceramics are polished, glazed, covered with glass beads, a relief or special lacquer that seems to change when it is touched. Like a taut skin that longs for a soothing touch. The placement of each individual object on the wall, allows for careful observation. Separated from the mother body, each with its own individuality and reality, almost anatomical.

With her ceramic works, Simone van Bakel searches for the essence and uniqueness of the body. Our organic forms determine our presence and performance, and leads us to feel, touch and experience. Through the use of various techniques, from ceramics to metal, car paint or glass pearls, Van Bakel explores forms and textures that can be touched by our eyes, and observed with our hands.