Big Mama, Phenomeneon & Panta Rhei – Jet & Pieke Bergmans

What happens if we let ourselves be guided by what occurs to us? The purest beauty emerges from the surprise of the unpredictable. Go with the flow.

Control, precision, perfection. They play an essential role in many designs. We seem driven to get grip on our worlds. Yet not everything is comprehensible. According to mother and daughter Jet and Pieke Bergmans, most pure forms of beauty do not come from control, but rather from an interaction between what occurs and what is set in motion. To be surprised by all things unpredictable. Go with the flow. Jet’s drawings appear on paper – here on the prints – like a song is sung. Lines, shapes and words find their way rhythmically, flowing, as if by themselves. To Jet Bergsma, drawing is a state of being – thinking, feeling and, above all, passing on. Pieke also lets her materials find their own way – glass, textile or clay. And in reverse: from human creation to natural phenomenon. Raw, pure, awe-inspiring and always fascinating.

In Kazerne, the work of Jet and Pieke Bergsma is brought together in an installation that – like the process they were made in – seems to manifest itself as an autonomous voice.