Raamwerk – Jas & Cal

Can we design new textiles by mixing materials and techniques? A metal frame sounds like something solid. But ‘Framework’ is transparent, playful and changeable.

With Raamwerk, Jas&Cal investigate the possibilities of weaving with a metal yarn. The designers used a gossamer metal to create a refined, translucent structure. Light, reflection and position playfully change the character of the textile. Like a window frame: at times it appears open and transparent, at other times it is smooth and closed.

Jasmijn Wester and Calvin Kooiman are Jas&Cal, a textile design duo. They have a curiosity for textiles and are fascinated by the endless possibilities that experimenting with materials and techniques brings. The exploration for a perfected harmony between the beauty of craftsmanship and aesthetic refinement characterizes their visual language. Their work is a blend of sensibility, tactility and simplicity.