Endless Movement – Smith & Winken

What is life? Spirituality of inanimate nature or technicality of the living creatures’ existence?

Endless Movement is a collection of kinetic sculptures. Its continuous movements are a result on an infinite succession of mechanical and bionic processes. Through the laws of physics familiar materials are brought to life – wood, paper, textiles and metal. These intangible laws and the tactile matter together form a metaphor for life in our usual world: on the one hand common, and at the same time quite enchanting. The designers crafted the sculptures with attention to detail, proportion and materials, trying to mimic an almost natural movement and interaction. Hence the machines appear as living organisms, coming from the future or even from another planet. The distinction between nature, animal, man or machine becomes obstinate.

Smith & Winken is a design lab and studio from award winning designer Valery Kuznetsov (UA) and architectengineer Otto Winken (AT). They share a deep appreciation for natural life, as well as a great technical skill and expertise.