Tapestry 270 – Adaptism

How can we experience the comfort of old carpets in new ways? Through in-depth research into materials, we create innovative, sustainable applications.

For centuries, carpets have been used in interiors to warm up, to protect spaces and tell stories. Design lab Adaptism conducted microscopic research to the fibers of these old carpets. This led them to better understand the structures, and hence to enhance their protective qualities. With this knowledge, Adaptism developed a carpet that comforts the indoor space as well as a garment to protect the body outdoors. Both are made of the same cloth of merino wool. The light shapes are the patterns of the garment. The rest forms a tapestry for the interior. Hence, there is a direct connection between the indoors and outdoors. None of the material is wasted.

Paul Youenn and Eliott Vallin are the designers behind design lab Adaptism. The name Adaptism refers to the infinite ability of matter to transform. Always starting with material first – researching its cultural heritage as well as its technical potential, they are able transform the matter into designs that cross all disciplines. From industrial, to fashion to autonomous design.