Missing restaurant Benz at Kazerne? Chef Rasmus Olander shares his recipe for köttbullar also known as Swedish meatballs. The balls owe their taste to the spice mix “Allroundkrydda”, which mainly contains allspice.


(4-6 persons)

  • 500 g minced beef/pork mixture

  • 250 ml milk

  • 75 g white breadcrumbs

  • 1 egg

  • 1 onion

  • salt

  • white pepper

  • ground allspice


  • 300 ml beefstock

  • 100 ml cream

  • 1 tsb butter

  • 1 tsb flour

  • 1 tsb soy sauce

  • 1 ts blackcurrant jam

  • salt

  • black pepper


  • Dice the onion.

  • Sauté the onion gently in a little butter without browning.

  •  Soak the breadcrumbs in milk.

  • Blend the ground meat, preferably in a food processor, with the onion, egg, milk/breadcrumb mixture and the spices to the proper consistency.

  • Add a little water if the mixture feels too firm.

  • Shape small meatballs with the aid of two spoons and place on a water-rinsed plate.

  •  Brown a generous amount of butter in a frying pan.

  • When it ‘goes quiet’ place the meatballs in the pan.

  •  Let them brown on all sides. Shake the frying pan often.

  • To make the gravy, melt the butter in a pan.

  • Add the flour while whisking until a thick paste as formed.

  • Add the rest of all the gravy ingredients to the pan.

  • Bring to a simmer until a nice thick consistency.

  • Season with salt and black pepper.  

  •  Serve with mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes and raw stirred lingonberries.

  • Enjoy!