Dorian Renard

“Fascinated by glass and looking at the craftsmen employing their knowledge into this ever changing material, I wanted to look at plastic with the same admiration.”

Dorian Renard considers how age-old craft techniques can adapt to new composites and alternative materials. In particular, the substitution of acrylics for glass has inspired the designer to an extensive research into how the plastics are perceived and valued. As a means of trying to counteract the material’s negative connotation, he attempted to relink it with revived craft techniques. For The Beauty of Distortion, the designer sought to blow acrylic as if it were glass, a technical and physical challenge he equates to drawing a perfect circle.

The Beauty of Distortion by Dorian Renard is now on display in the Kazerne expo The Circle – Dutch Invertuals. Curious? Come and have a look! We are open daily from noon.