Ontwerpduo and Cleary present new LED lighting installation

‘Contour’, a graphically captivating new LED lighting installation designed by Ontwerpduo and Cleary, is now on exhibition in Kazerne. Developed originally as a Kazerne Lab project, it is made to be hung in the open space of our soon to open hotel’s stairwell. Enjoy it now above our bar!

Kazerne Lab

Within Kazerne Lab professional creatives work cross-over with other (economic) sectors to develop products, insights, and incentives for topical issues. With their fresh perspective and outlook, they provide current social, cultural and economic issues with inspiration, new perspectives, and answers. That may sound rather pompous, but it is, in fact, an extremely practical process. In the inventory Lab, designers work with regional manufacturing industries on creating innovative inventory for hospitality ends.



Ontwerpduo is an established name in Dutch design. What started as a duo is now a design studio with a close-knit team of devisers and doers. Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink have been creating on request and autonomously since 2008. From 2015 they are presenting a thematic collection once a year.




Nuenen-based Cleary is a leader in LED lighting, through tailor-made solutions for interior and stand construction, architecture and signage / (light) advertising. With their high-quality and reliable LED lighting, they create special light effects.


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