Welcome to the DDW page. Please treat the information below as confidential, thank you!

Paradijslaan 2-8
5611 KN Eindhoven
040 2073730

Planning (under reservation)
29-09 Deadline submission of contract, consignment Appendix A, text, images and presence at DDW for the timetable per room
09-10 Deadline delivery guest list VIP dinner, including allergies and dietary wishes
09-10 Delivery of work and construction
10-10 Construction
12-10 Photography in preparation of print work
13-10 Photography in preparation of print work
13-10 Deadline delivery audio files
16-10 Deadline printing to printer
17-10 VIP dinner, deadline guest list
19-10 Deadline submission guestlist opening and visitors DDW

DDW (more dates and interesting guests will follow)
21-10 Opening
23-10 Short talk Annemoon – TU/E
25-10 Digital Wednesday (evening)
26-10 Tour by Annemoon
28-10 Meet the designer

Dismantling in consultation, probably end of February

Deliver text and images
– Submit high-res photos of/about the work to be exhibited, both landscape and portrait;
– A substantive text of no more than 100 words per work you are exhibiting;
– A biography of up to 100 words about yourself and/or your label/company;

Submitting an audio file
Please provide an audio file of no more than 1 minute (.mp3, mp4, max 50mb per file) with an extra explanation of your work. You can do this by phone. Record the audio fragment in a room where no noise can come through in the recording.

First mention your name and the title of the work, and then give a short description of the content, e.g. what is the aim, what inspired you, an anecdote and what is your dream for the future. Please deliver the files in Dutch and English.

Submitting a guest list
Please submit your guest list in accordance with the above deadlines.
Don’t forget to mention allergies and dietary wishes of guests who will join you for the VIP-dinner.

The number of guests varies per participant. Numbers that are larger than those mentioned in the contract will be invoiced.

Do you have work that can be sold in our shop besides the work you show in the exhibition? Send image and text and we will see if it fits.

During DDW there will be serval press tour visiting Kazerne, please keep an eye here:

The complete Presskit will be online as soon as the photos are ready: kazerne.com/en/press/

Instagram @Kazerneehv
Facebook / Linkedin @Kazerne

Opening hours DDW
Saturday 21 through Sunday 29 October 2023
11:00 – 20:00 exposition DDW
11:00 – 00:00 restaurant (kitchen 12:00 – 21:30)

The exhibition is free to visit, except during DDW. Then admission is free via the guest list, with a DDW-passe partout or a reservation in the restaurant or hotel, outside of that period it costs 5 euro.

To make the programme in Kazerne possible, the spaces are rented out to third parties by the day. It is therefore possible that a space is temporarily not accessible. During DDW this will be limited as much as possible to before 12:00 or after 20:00. If there are guests who wish to make a booking that is in all our interests, including your promotion, we can make an exception. We will keep you informed of this.

Extra eyes
We are creating the exhibition and its success together. It would be great if during DDW you will be present as much as possible and keep an eye on things while you’re there, also for your colleagues. We are still urgently looking for people who (voluntarily) want to contribute during DDW, for example behind the cash register, as attendant or information guide. We provide a snack and drinks, and of course many interesting guests. Do you know someone? Please contact Stella at office@kazerne.com. We are very grateful!

In case of calamities, call +3140 2073730.

Make Kazerne possible
Invite all your friends and relations to enjoy your work and to help make the Kazerne programme possible! Reservations are more than welcome 😉

If you have any questions, please contact Stella at office@kazerne.com 040 20 7373 4.