Kazerne Participants

Literally everything that surrounds us is designed, in our daily life and in society. The decisions taken collectively by designers and their stakeholders affect everything and everyone. This goes far beyond the right colour or material for a sofa or chair.

In addition, there is a growing notion that not always the right choices have been made. That we need to redesign our nature-inclusive world – in which people, animals, plants and objects, share conditions and climatic futures – more sustainably and with more respect. That we need to drastically reconfigure our systems to meet future challenges.

AUTUMN 2022 — SPRING 2023






To accelerate the transformation process, appealing examples are needed. Hopeful examples, which in smaller or larger steps are inspiring as many people as possible to start a movement. With attention and care for the entire chain, from raw materials to circular recycling, from ancient indigenous wisdom to artificial speculations.

Through recent work by emerging and established designers, Kazerne calls for new alliances to create these hopeful examples, with respect for complex entangled structures, ancient crafts and indigenous wisdoms. Designers, govern- ments, business, scientists, everyone. In times of crises and polarization, art and design have — perhaps more than ever
— the task to connect and to propose alternative scenarios. And with that, to bring about a change, with hearts and heads.


Aptum, Cliphut, Coline & Eleni, DieDAS Fellows 2022, Four Leaves, Modular, Oksana Levchenya, Soda Lime, Nynke Tynagel, Pleed, Solarge, Studio Playfool, Tjitske Storm, Finn van Tol, Vaderland, Vanir Design, Van Vrienden, White Noise Dada


Ruud Balk Fotografie,  Brabant C, Cultuur Eindhoven, Moon/en/co, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Studio van der Zandt.