Kazerne Lab Project Biotope Brainport

–The challenge: to, for one day, feed 10,000 mouths at the Catharina Hospital, Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Technical University Eindhoven with nature-inclusive ingredients, grown within 15 kilometers of the Eindhoven Catharina Church, that contribute to both health and biodiversity. Deadline: October 2023, during Dutch Design Week.

The bigger picture: to accelerate the transformation towards a more nature-inclusive world. For example, we need to fundamentally change how we, humans, interact with our biotope. Focusing on the food chain, the project aims to step by step contribute to health, biodiversity, nutrients, landscape and area development and a regional self-sufficient ecosystem, while increasingly excluding poison and fossil raw materials. The current phase of the multiannual project is unravelling the chain, including the chain of the chain, from soil fungi and crops to plated dish and intestinal bacteria.

Fueled by the power of design, every last Thursday of the month at the EHV Innovation Café, a consortium of experts will dive into a part of the food chain and its entanglement. As a sounding-board, the public will be invited to question and discuss the topics. The Biotope Brainport events are a call for action to team up with experts and re-thinkers, including scientists, farmers, designers, suppliers and buyers. In order to activate a hopeful movement together.

Thursday May 25th, the project initiators will introduce themselves, elaborate about the variety of acts to bring nutrients to your plate and talk about regenerative farming. What might be the impact of a radical yet feasible change of the system, instead of improving the known notions? How to communicate about abstract alternatives?

Biotope Brainport is an initiative by (in alphabetical order) Anton François (Program Manager Eten en Drinken Catharina Hospital, Coordinator Stichting Eten+Welzijn), Annemoon Geurts (Designer and Creative director Home of Design Kazerne), Charlotte Grün (Designer Studio OOK), Stan Kerkhofs (Project Manager Verkenning Living Lab Infrastructuur & Gebiedsontwikkeling Brainport Rijskwaterstaat) and Marius Monen (Program Manager Robotization for Sustainable Agriculture Avans University of Applied Sciences, Program developer agrifood& tech, TU/e).

Please drop a line at office@kazerne.com for more information or to become a partner.