Jelle Seegers wins Kazerne Design Award 2023

–Radically different tools are needed for a truly sustainable society. To produce these, Jelle Seegers developed a huge magnifying glass that melts metal to make tools. With this, he won the Kazerne Design Award on May 9. His graduation project Solar Metal Smelter was rewarded by the jury with eternal fame, an exhibition, introduction to a new network plus 5,000 euros. Courtesy of Rotary Club Eindhoven-Soeterbeek. Seegers was one of 9 nominees for the incentive award, all of whom recently graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. Read more here.

Seegers immediately donated part of his prize to the other eight nominees. Kazerne Foundation then decided to divide all contributions to be received in May 2023 among them via’s donation page. Geurts: “This year, too, it was exciting until the last moment. It is impossible to make a comparison between the different works because of the diversity in concept and execution. Hopefully, through this way we can give all the nominees a shot in the arm’.
Watch the recording of the Award Show here.

The nominees for the Kazerne Design Award 2023, from left to right: Pepe Triginer Valenti, Jelle Seegers, Héloïse Floc’h, Leopold Inkapööl, Marte Mei van Haaster, Thomas Mair, Ori Orisun Merhav, Zoa Lu Rosenkranz. Photo Ruud Balk.