Get swept away by the contemplative (light)artworks, soundscapes and scenography. Immerse yourself into the magnetic moment and get temped to freely associate and energetically face the challenges of this era.




Briefly. A blink. You take a look. Come closer. Entering the field of attraction. Wonder. Joy. Hypnotised, your thoughts wander.

At the same time. Looking inwards. An uncomfortable feeling. War. Energy. Climate. Microplastics in our food chain. Is it too late? Do we have any influence at all? Dissonant circles.

In this current moment, Kazerne deploys this force to briefly step aside from the dystopian daily reality. The emotions of wonder, located in the moment between no-longer and not-yet, can lead to insight into what has eluded us until now. Philosopher Genevieve Lloyd: ‘Wonder, in its many forms, has provided an intellectual space – a temporary pause – which fosters the renewal of active, imaginative, emotionally engaged thinking. It depends but also thrives on the absence of certainty.’1 She sees wonder as particularly helpful for coming to grips with the greatest uncertainties of our time, such as anthropogenic climate change, and for developing political positions on these matters.


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Annemoon Geurts


Rive Roshan


Lumus Instruments



Juul Hagemeier, Niels Hoebers, Lumus Instruments, Rive Roshan, Studio Toer, Lucas Zito