Three new exhibitions – DDW22

Associative dialogues from the past, a mesmerizing moment in the present and a moonshot to the future. Through three new exhibitions, on display from October 18th, Home of Design Kazerne calls for different specialists to collaborate and to create hopeful examples. Everyone from designers, governments, industries, scientists. For there is a growing awareness that we need a radical change. And art and design, in times of crises and polarisation, are maybe even more than ever in the position to connect and propose alternative scenarios. To start a transformation with both head and heart. So come and experience the smart concepts, tangible products and inspiring scenarios for yourself. Welcome to the world of Kazerne.


The Collection is…
Lidewij Edelkoort x Van Abbemuseum x Kazerne

Human, instinctive, a coalition, collective and so on. Again and again, we are able to define what a collection is. The enrichment of the Van Abbemuseum collection with over 50 works from the Edelkoort Collection culminates in this double exhibition at Van Abbemuseum and Kazerne. The Collection is… a glimpse into the archive full of poetic associations, new insights and perspectives. Seven pairs show how the disciplines have grown towards each other and how powerful they can form an image together.

CURATORS Lidewij Edelkoort & Steven ten Thije FEATURING Eero Aarnio x Anish Kapoor, Campana Brothers x Bernd Lohaus, Eric Ku x Laurence Weiner, Studio Job x Henk Visch, O’brien Fortuyn x Issey Miyake, Ernst Barlach x Victor Sonna, Juan Muñoz x Brynjar Sigurdarson

Magnetic Moment
Briefly. A blink. Take a look. Closer. Entering the field of attraction. Wonder. Hypnotised, your thoughts wander. A new awareness emerges. In the here and now of the moment, Kazerne deploys the power of wonder to briefly step aside from the dystopian everyday reality. Get carried away by contemplative kinetic works and fascinating scenography. Attraction, rejection. Tension and relief. An inseparable forcefield.

CURATOR Annemoon Geurts SCENOGRAPHY Rive Roshan FEATURING Juul Hagemeier, Lumus Instruments, Reina Suyeon Mun, Rive Roshan, Studio Toer, Lucas Zito, more names coming soon.

Literally everything around us is designed, in our daily lives and in society. At the same time, there’s a growing notion that not always the right choices have been made. Through recent work by emerging and established designers, Kazerne calls for new alliances to create hopeful examples, with respect for complex entangled structures, ancient crafts and indigenous wisdoms.

FEATURING Aptum, Cliphut, Four Leaves, Modular, Pleed, Solarge x Raw Color x Kazerne, Studio Playfool, Finn van Tol, Vaderland, Vanir Design, Van Vrienden, White Noise Dada, more names coming soon.