Triptych, Sunset/Sunrise, Beacon of Light – Jesse Visser

Can we enjoy pure beauty and yet reach meaningful engagement? The desire to innovate production techniques and love for detailing, results in striking statements that are as sober as they are poetic.

Jesse Visser’s furniture and lighting designs are characterized by their clear, aesthetic shapes. At the same time they are both minimalistic and monumental, with an apparently simple, yet innovative detailing. In the process of production, he often pushes the boundaries of what is technically possible, in close collaboration with engineers and specialized production companies.

Jesse Visser presents three designs in Kazerne:

Beacon of Light reflects the quest for wandering and holding on. Like an anchor in the mist. A boulder, a rope and a crystal ball – perfectly in balance.

Triptych Cogitatio Inanis (freely translated: mindless mind) refers to the medieval triptych. Triptychs traditionally depict Christian stories. Here it is a contemporary statement of solid high-gloss polished stainless steel, about emptiness, reflection and matter. A monumental object stripped of frills, reduced to its essence.

Sunset/Sunrise is a light design that refers to changing light of the sun. The panels on either side of the glass lamp are made of gold-colored anodized aluminum that steer and stop the light. The pulleys of the panels can be moved manually to make the light rise and set imaginatively.